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How to choose between a condo, house, townhouse or apartment

If you’re on the search for a new home, then you should know that there are a lot of housing choices available for you to pick from. In rural areas, the most common form of housing you will find are single-family housing units or houses. But in suburban areas, the options include condos like Eighty Seven Park, detached single-family units or houses, townhouses, and apartments.

All these different types of houses are suited for particular living situations so we cannot say that a condo at Eighty Seven Park is definitely better than a townhouse or an apartment. The decision is affected by criteria such as lifestyle, budgets, personal involvement in maintenance style, and many more.

In the rest of the article, we will describe these different types of housing and some of the advantages they might pose for particular situations.

A condo

A condo Eighty Seven Park consists of individual housing units sharing a common exterior. Each individual unit can be sold by the developer to a single owner or in other words even though the units share a common exterior they are sellable individually.

A condo is also part of a community governed by a Homeowners Association, HOA for which the owner pays monthly dues. If you’re renting a condo at like Eighty Seven Park the owner will also include the HOA fees to be part of your rent making it expensive.

The maintenance work done on the exterior is the responsibility of the HOA. Any interior maintenance or renovation is the responsibility of the owner. If you’re a tenant sometimes it might be difficult getting your landlord to carry out repairs.

The amenities found in a condo like at Eighty Seven Park are far superior to those found in apartments.


This is a single, detached housing unit that sits on its own parcel of land. It is not joined to other housing units and usually has a large backyard and front yard. The owner of a house also owns the land on which the house is built.

In the construction process of a house, the owner has much more freedom than the other categories of dwellings we have on this list including condos at Eighty Seven Park. 

In most cases, the owner of the house is in complete control of the architecture and the interior and exterior decor of the house.

The owner of a house is free to carry out any renovations on the property but also incurs all expenses related to maintenance of the interior and exterior of the house.

Houses are limited in terms of the amenities available to the owner when compared to other living situations like condos, townhomes, and apartments. Some amenities like clubhouses, swimming pools, and fitness clubs are only feasible if they’re implemented by a community and run by an HOA.

But there are instances where houses are part of a community and these amenities are available and governed by an HOA.

A townhouse

Townhouses have a slender appearance and usually have more than one floor. They are very common in urban and semi-urban areas where you found multiple townhouses attached to other townhouses on the street. Each townhouse sits on a parcel of land with its own individual title which means that the owner of the townhouse also owns the land on which the house is situated.

In most cases, townhouses are part of a community governed by a homeowners association with the owners being required to pay monthly dues and follow the HOA rules regarding the exteriors of the houses and things like fencing.

Maintenance and any repair work or renovation of the townhouse is the responsibility of the owner of the house. But if you’re a tenant, the responsibility of the maintenance work reverts back to the landlord.


An apartment is a single housing unit that shares a common exterior with other similar housing units. The entire complex belongs to an individual or an entity and it is not possible to buy a single unit.

Compared to the case of Eighty Seven Park where you can purchase a single condo unit in an apartment, this is not an option and these units are usually available for rent under a lease.

There are no HOA fees to contend with if you live in an apartment but the amenities usually are not at the same level as those of a condo complex like Eighty Seven Park.

Because the building is under management repairs are usually carried out very fast because the landlord does not want to risk a low occupancy rate of the apartment building. Repairs and Maintenance for a tenant living in a condo can take longer because the whole process is being handled by an individual or the owner.

Rents in apartments are usually lower than those of luxury condos like at Eighty Seven Park.

So we hope this article was useful in distinguishing the different types of housing units available.